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Mission comes from a Latin word that means “to send.” It was first used by Jesuit missionaries who sent members of their order overseas to establish schools and churches. Foreign travel is still associated with the word. When diplomats and humanitarian workers travel abroad, we often refer to those trips as mission.

Also called foreign mission. a group of persons sent by a church to carry on religious work, especially evangelization in foreign lands, and often to establish schools, hospitals, etc.


At HRUMC, we have teamed with Steps Of Hope in hope that we may in some small way bring God's light and love into the lives of the children and families of Santa Maria de Jesus.

John Wesley describes Christian perfection, as a heart "habitually filled with the love of God and neighbor" and as "having the mind of Christ and walking as he walked."  Our-Wesleyan-Heritage


Steps of Hope is a Education Center located in Santa Maria de Jesus in Guatemala. The focus is English training and Spanish and Mathematics Education.


Education is believed to be a way to change the course of a child or teenager's life. It is a process, and sometimes results are not immediate.


The more one has the basic skills to continue learning and growing based on the knowledge they already have, as well as knowledge about the outside world and God, the more opportunities they have to succeed and have a life they can dream of.

Steps of Hope also provides medical outreach, home repairs and cooking classes.

For more information about Steps of Hope  click the link below.

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther




God knows no strangers. He loves us all,  The poor, the rich, the great , the small.

He is a Friend who is always ther

To share our troubles and lessen our cares.

No one is a stranger in God's sight,

For God is love and He is lihgt.

May we, too, try in our own small way

To make new friends from day to day.

So pass no stranger with an unseeing eye,

For God may be sending a new friend by.

-- Bulletin Digest

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Halethorpe - Relay United Methodist Church

4513 Ridge Avenue, Halethorpe, MD 21227-4440




Sunday 11 A.M.

Sunday School  9:45 A.M.


Any of our Events!




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